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Welcome to the She Works His Way podcast hosted by SWHW co-founders and best friends, Somer and Michelle. SWHW is a discipleship community that exist to help women find purpose in their God given work through the gospel. In each episode you'll be invited into a conversation about how to navigate the tension between what God says and what culture wants you to believe. We're glad you're here!
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May 20, 2024

This episode delves into the challenges and benefits of effective delegation, particularly for those who struggle with letting go of control and the fear of entrusting tasks to others. Somer and Michelle share their personal experiences and discuss what changed their perspectives on "sharing the load." They also have a big announcement for our podcast community and an invitation to the Summer Challenge—something they never had on their radar for SWHW... but God. This is an episode that will leave you encouraged and excited.

00:00 Welcome and BIG Announcement
03:15 Last Episode Before the Break: Join Us on Patreon!
06:22 Delegation: The Key to Leadership and Capacity
18:06 The Power of Delegation and Trust in God
19:37 The Importance of Responsibility and Growth
21:03 Personal Delegation: A Strategy for Success
22:15 Personal Insights from Learning WHY To Delegate
25:18 Investing in Others Through Delegation
26:55 The Challenge of Delegation and Personal Growth


May 13, 2024

In this episode Somer welcomes SWHW teammate and friend, Callie Holland, as they talk about what it feels like to wonder if you're "too much." They both share personal experiences and lessons learned, eventually getting to the root of the issue with scripture.

02:28 Navigating the Complexities of Ambition and Identity
05:43 The Challenge of Leadership
07:58 Embracing Our True Identity in Christ
11:05 Exploring the Power and Presence of the Holy Spirit
19:11 The Role of the Holy Spirit in Overcoming Insecurity
22:08 Battling Spiritual Warfare and Embracing Your 'Too Muchness'
22:42 The Power of Prayer and Vulnerability in Leadership
27:43 Peter's Journey: From Insecurity to the Rock of the Church
31:11 Inviting the Holy Spirit into Every Aspect of Life
32:10 Closing Thoughts and Invitation to the Community

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May 6, 2024
Melissa Kruger has journeyed with me [Michelle] through motherhood, and right on time -- just two weeks after my oldest became a teenager -- she released a new book on raising teens for Christ. In this episode, we dive deep into God's heart for parenting our teens, including:
  • the risks of defaulting to parent out of motivations other than hope
  • laying the foundation for the teen years in childhood years
  • biggest challenges + opportunities in raising teens today
  • the reminder that it's never too late to parent (or grandparent!) out of hope
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Sisters, You Have Permission to Live An Ordinary Life
Apr 29, 2024

This episode, inspired by one of our Patreon Besties, delves into the often times confusing emotions we encounter when we want to know if it's time to walk away from something. In part 2 of How To Know If It's Time To Quit, Somer and Michelle talk through the signs and symptoms that they've often felt when it was the Lord leading them to quit, rather than their own wants or desires. This episode puts the 'explanation point' on the entire conversation and we hope leaves you with clear indicators that help you to identify or at least intentionally listen for the voice of God.

00:00 Recognizing the Signs
03:50 A Sign of Divine Stirring
11:54 The Power of Prayer + Community
15:06 Emotional Signals
19:09 The Fruit of the Spirit
21:36 The Gift of Restlessness
28:06 Seeking Clarity and Direction

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Apr 22, 2024

124. This episode, inspired by one of our Patreon Besties, delves into the often times confusing emotions we encounter when we want to know if we need to quit something. Somer and Michelle give you part 1 this week which talks through the signs and symptoms that they've often felt when it was their flesh that was pushing them towards quitting. This conversation serves as a bit of a guide in helping you recognize when your impulse to quit is a selfish reflex versus a God-led command.

01:25 Exploring Personal Responses to Quitting
04:24 The Signs of When to Quit: Boredom and Discontentment
12:47 Quitting When It's Hard
16:33 Confronting Rebellion and Avoidance
23:38 Evaluating the Urge to Quit
24:12 When Quitting is the Right Choice

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Apr 15, 2024

In this episode, Somer and Michelle share some of their most valuable lessons learned from experiences working in corporate America and the marketplace before transitioning to ministry work. Coming from a variety of industries, including banking, retail, scientific research, fitness, network marketing, and pharmaceutical sales, they are sharing how each of their assignments have shaped them and prepared them for their current roles and reminding you how your current assignment is probably doing the same thing.

00:48 Diving Into Our Diverse Career Histories
05:05 Embracing Being Set Apart in the Workplace
10:58 Mentorship Doesn't Require a Formal Invitation
14:42 The Power of Little Things in Making a Big Impact
18:53 Embracing the Small Things in Life
19:07 Learning from the Fashion Industry: Counting the Cost
22:49 The Leap to Gym Ownership
26:04 The Power of Contentment: Beyond Financial Success
31:05 Leadership Insights: The Value of Collective Wisdom
35:37 Reflecting on Lessons Learned and the Impact of Leadership

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Apr 8, 2024

Yep, we're talking about the good ole' social media... again. But don't worry, Somer and Michelle are keeping it fresh with a nuanced approach to a spiritually healthy relationship with your internet friends and follows. Whether you're a content consumer, a content creator, or somewhere in between, we promise you'll be inspired, not beat up, by this conversation.

00:41 Diving Into the Social Media Dilemma
02:27 The Impact of Social Media on Spiritual Life
05:43 Evaluating Time Spent on Social Media
17:17 Navigating Personal and Professional Boundaries on Social Media
25:32 Practical Tips and Final Thoughts

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Apr 1, 2024

In this episode, Somer talks to her friend, Linda Lotich from Seedtime. Linda shares a little of her own story which has led her to a deep desire to see women not only feel permission to rest, but to understand that stepping away with the Lord, even from their own families, is vital to their soul and ministry.

00:00 Welcome and Introduction of Linda
01:46 The Importance of Taking Breaks for Moms
03:14 Linda's Personal Journey and Insights on Rest
08:31 Implementing Rest and Its Impact
16:31 Exploring Jesus' Example of Rest and Its Application
18:52 Practical Steps Towards Prioritizing Rest and God
21:58 Recognizing the Need for Rest and Turning to God
24:55 The Transformative Power of Rest and Prioritizing God
26:17 The Power of Prayer and Fasting in Jesus' Life
28:46 Embracing the Prodigal Son's Lesson: Everything God Has is Already Ours
33:33 Practical Tips for Deepening Your Prayer Life
40:12 Finding Rest in God Amidst Life's Challenges


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The Rest Of God by Mark Buchanan

Learn More About Seedtime

Mar 25, 2024

In this episode Somer and Michelle address the issues of gossip and drama, particularly at the workplace, emphasizing why it can be a huge concern for everyone, but especially Christian women. They are breaking it all down and giving you some practical and realistic tools to help you avoid it. 

00:48 Navigating Workplace Drama
02:08 The Spiritual and Moral Effects Of Gossip
12:37 Cultivating a No Gossip Zone
18:44 A Real Life Story
20:11 The Ripple Effect
20:12 Challenging Gossip: Strategies and Mindsets
21:35 Leadership's Role in Eliminating Gossip
25:52 Assuming the Best Is A Path to Freedom
26:54 Practical Tips for Gossip-Free Conversations
30:49 Looking For The Truth
32:32 Encouragement to Stand Against Gossip

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Mar 18, 2024

In this episode, Somer welcomes her and Michelle's good friend, Lauren Diggs to discuss what it's like and what it takes to be confident when your parenting style and boundaries look different than the rest of the worlds. Lauren is a mother of 5 ranging in ages 9 to 32 and even a new grandma so she is speaking from a place of both experience and being in the trenches with you. Lean in! This is a good one.

00:35 Discussing the Challenges of Being a 'Strict' Mom
01:27 Meet Lauren
04:19 Reflecting on Childhood and Parenting Styles
07:25 Adapting Parenting Approach for Different Children
10:31 Navigating The Hard Parts
20:08 The Role of Confidence in Parenting
25:31 Maintaining Open Conversations with Children
29:37 Understanding Your Child's Perspective
29:58 Teaching Kids to Make Beneficial Choices
30:23 Trusting God with Your Child's Journey
34:05 Q&A 
52:26 Conclusion: Embracing Your Role as a Parent

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Mar 11, 2024

This is a FUN one. Michelle and Somer do their best to encourage you to find and build in hobbies... and they do a pretty convincing job. Need your affections stirred for the Lord? This conversation might be just the one you need!

02:40 A Case For Hobbies
02:52 Our Favorites 
06:13 The Intersection of Hobbies and Work
07:35 The Spiritual Significance of Hobbies
09:33 Hobbies as a Means of Connection
13:37 The Role of Hobbies in Evangelism
17:41 Building Hobbies into Daily Life
23:24 Letting the Gospel Shape Your Imagination
25:06 The Intersection of Hobbies and Spirituality
29:57 Defining Fun for Yourself
35:54 Your Kids' Hobbies
38:29 Praying for Hobbies

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Ecclesiastes Commentary
Mar 4, 2024

This week Somer and Michelle talk through a conversation they were able to have when they spoke together at a conference a few weeks back. They were addressing a group of female ministry leaders and reminding them that they are needed, they need others, and all of us need boundaries. Find out which one is harder for you, needing others or being needed, and listen in as we remind you what the gospel definition of boundaries is!

02:55 The Importance of Community
03:41 I Need You You Need Me We Need Boundaries Introduced
04:42 Exploring the Concept of Boundaries
15:53 The Danger of Self-Deprecation and Pride
21:03 The Role of Faith in Relationships
22:45 The Danger of Misplaced Dependence
23:50 The Importance of Processing with God First
25:09 The Role of Prayer in Processing
26:53 Understanding Mutual Submission vs Codependency
32:23 The Importance of Unity in the Body of Believers
34:05 The New John 17 Challenge
38:52 The Power of Prayer in Setting Boundaries

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Feb 26, 2024

Somer and Michelle have a little book club meet-up to chat through a book that they both, YES WE SAID BOTH, really enjoyed. Tyler Staton's book, 'Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools' is one of the most powerful books on prayer that they have ever read! And good news for you... on this episode they're going to give you a synopsis + a few of their big takeaways with the hopes that you will go pick it up and let it change your prayer life too.

00:51 Overview of the Book
03:07 The Impact of the Book and Their Personal Reflections
05:48 The Power of Prayer
06:06 The Importance of Practice in Prayer
08:36 Sharing Top Takeaways from the Book
17:36 Finding Comfort in Prayer
18:23 The Power of Silence and Solitude
19:39 Conversations with God
20:19 Overcoming Distractions for a Richer Prayer Life
22:47 Dealing with Internal Noise and Clutter
26:01 Breaking Attachments to the World for True Love
33:21 The Vital Role of Prayer in Our Lives

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Praying Like Monks, Living Like Fools

Feb 19, 2024

In this episode, Somer has an honest conversation directed towards the 20 and 30 somethings but really, for all of us, with one of her good friends, Callie Holland. They cover the pressure you feel to have life figured out, the issue of loneliness, the need for connection, what the real hold up is on pursuing discipleship, and how those of us no longer in our 20's and 30's can step up and begin investing in these younger women. They also recap the Super Bowl Half Time show and why Usher > Rihanna sooo yeah, it's a pretty good one. 

01:04 Welcome + If You Had A Doctorate What Would It Be In 
07:40 The Impact of the Younger Generation
09:56 The Power of Failure and Learning
11:57 The Importance of Pursuing God's Will
21:29 The Role of Mentorship and Discipleship
23:22 The Power of God's Word
24:54 The Importance of Community
25:11 The Dangers of Fake Connection
25:38 The Loneliness Epidemic
26:37 The Role of the Local Church
30:24 The Importance of Serving
33:07 The Power of Prayer
35:16 The Super Bowl Recap

Feb 12, 2024

Michelle and Somer follow up last week's conversation with Dara LaPorta by talking through their own experiences creating sweet atmospheres at home. If you've ever wanted a little extra motivation to make your home a hub of laughter and peace, today's episode is for you!

Pura Smart Home Plug In 
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2nd Timothy Study

Feb 5, 2024

In this episode, Somer chats with one of our favorites, Dara LaPorta, a She Works His Way OG from way back. Dive into Dara's world as she joyfully navigates the chaos as a mom of four with one foot in the health and fitness world and another leading in women's ministry. Dara gives us her take on creating a cozy family vibe, and why she swears by intentional peace and chill family rhythms. Tune in for these nuggets of wisdom on slowing down, being intentional, and finding a relaxed rhythm in our crazy fast world.

00:33 Getting to Know Dara
01:04 Dara's Family and Career
05:06 The Importance of A Sweet Home Atmosphere
06:00 The Role of Mothers in Setting Home Atmosphere
13:34 Juggling Attention With Multiple Children
17:49 Answering the Call
23:03 Cultivating a Rhythm of Rest
27:26 The Power of Apology
33:10 Conclusion: The Journey of Motherhood

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Philippians Commentary

Jan 29, 2024

Michelle and Somer talk about what it feels like for things not to go the way you hoped they would, and how to see the beauty in God's plan even when it's hard.

03:00 The Struggle with Unfulfilled Dreams and Hopes
05:00 The Book of Ecclesiastes and its Lessons
07:21 The Inspiring Story of Ruth
10:22 Our Experiences with Unfulfilled Hopes and Dreams
14:54 It's Okay To Ask God Why
15:50 Dealing with Disappointment and Finding Purpose
17:20 Finding Joy in the Presence of God
18:54 Drawing Closer to God through Trials
21:31 Finding Fullness in Christ
22:01 Embracing Unfulfilled Hopes and Dreams
23:00 Developing Patience in Waiting for God's Promises
25:47 Living a Fulfilled Life through the Holy Spirit
32:27 Finding Goodness in God's Surprises

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Philippians Commentary

Jan 22, 2024

In this episode, Michelle chats with one of her favorite authors, Jordan Raynor, and together they discuss the upcoming release of his newest book, 'The Sacredness of Secular Work'.

01:24 Joy and Excitement in Faith and Work
03:00 The Intersection of Ministry and Marketplace
04:03 The Sacredness of Secular Work
05:17 The Concept of Anti-Bucket List
05:46 The Eternal Perspective of Work
18:21 Scratching Off Glimpses of the Kingdom
23:01 Practical Ways to Make Disciples

Jan 15, 2024

With millions of Americans struggling with their mental health, it's safe to say that JOY could be a game changer for a lot of us. In this conversation Somer and Michelle, mostly Michelle because SHE WROTE A NEW COMMENTARY, discuss the value in practicing and pursuing joy using the book of Philippians and the example of Paul as their anchoring truth on the matter. Whether you are struggling with joy or you are close to someone who is, this is a convo you'll want in on!

04:50 The Importance of Joy and Endurance
05:09 Unveiling the New Commentary on Philippians
05:39 The Joy Factor: A Deep Dive
12:51 The Struggle for Joy and the Power of Practice
15:37 Joy in Salvation and Sharing the Gospel
17:27 The Challenge of Being Joyful and Critical
23:39 The Role of Faith in Cultivating Joy
26:40 The Power of Decision in Cultivating Joy
27:47 The Joy in Sacrifice and Hard Work
31:45 The Importance of Community in Achieving Joy
34:13 The Role of Joy in Christian Witness

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Philippians Commentary

Jan 8, 2024

In this episode Somer's husband, Kent, joins her for a talk we usually leave the men out of. Today we're kicking off Season 2 of The SWHW Podcast talking about the same thing EVERYBODY is talking about... our bodies. With insights from a Pastor and 'girl dad', they explore how cultural pressures can distort our perceptions of our bodies and undermine our self-esteem, hindering us from being able to live fully on mission for God. 

00:01 Introduction and Welcome to Season Two
01:13 Introducing the Topic
01:44 Trigger Warning for those with Eating Disorders
02:29 The New Year and Fitness Resolutions
04:14 The Impact of Kent and Somer's Sabbatical on their Physical Health
17:31 The Connection Between Physical and Spiritual Health
18:58 Dealing with Body Image Issues in a Family Setting
21:18 The Role of Scripture in Shaping Perspective
22:07 Navigating Body Image and Insecurity
25:19 The Role of Spiritual Health in Addressing Body Image Issues
32:55 The Importance of Taking Care of the Body as a Form of Worship
36:20 The Importance of Prioritizing Spiritual Health Over Physical Appearance
42:03 The Importance of Glorifying God with How We Treat and See Our Body

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Dec 4, 2023

Holiday Movie Showdown: Celebrating Christmas Classics & Hidden Gems

In one of your favorite episodes each year, Somer and Michelle countdown their all time favorite Christmas movies (and a few of their not so favorites). Let them put together your Christmas movie playlist for this holiday season while you focus on the other 11 billion Christmas tasks on your list! Grab your peppermint mocha and let's goooo.

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00:52 Christmas Movie Time: The Excitement Begins
01:10 The Christmas Movie Showdown: The Preparation
03:48 Is Die Hard a Christmas movie?
07:03 The Christmas Movie Dishonorable Mentions
13:05 The Christmas Movie Countdown Begins
26:39 Discussing Favorite Movie Soundtracks
27:41 The Grinch vs. The Grinch
27:52 Feel-Good Christmas Movies
28:35 Introducing Lesser-Known Christmas Movies
31:11 Nostalgic Christmas Movies
34:58 Unconventional Christmas Movies
41:14 Classic Christmas Movies
47:53 Wrapping Up the Discussion and Wishing Merry Christmas

Nov 27, 2023
Somer and Michelle are pumped to have this conversation with you about taking time off and put everything they discuss into practice as we slow waaaaaaayy down at the end of the year. Taking time off isn't easy, but God both created us to rest and He commands us to rest. Bottom line: taking time off matters. This conversation is jam-packed with practicality as we discuss:
  •  best practices to plan for rest
  •  how to prioritize rest when you and your spouse rest differently and/or you have young kids
  • defining rest for yourself (because rest is personal!)
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01:11 The Importance of Taking Time Off
02:22 Theological Foundation of Rest
04:31 The Practice of Sabbath
06:16 The Significance of Rest in Creation
07:22 The Struggle of Taking Time Off
09:16 Planning for Time Off
17:15 The Importance of Rest for Productivity
20:51 Patience and Slowing Down
21:43 Preparing for a Sabbatical
22:33 Communicating Rest to Your Kids
24:19 Rest is Personal
27:12 The Delight in Rest
27:18 Resting Differently in Marriage
29:25 The Rhythm of Rest
30:08 Communicating Your Rest
33:08 Planning for Rest
37:48 Gratitude and Closing Remarks

Nov 20, 2023
In this episode Somer and Michelle share a game-changing assessment they have been using for a year now! Using red, yellow, and green as your answer, they'll ask you to check in on four crucial areas of your life. They are the areas we all tend to brush off, but it can be a dangerous game to keep ignoring the signs.

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00:50 The Importance of Self-Assessment
01:05 The Role of Questions in Self-Reflection
02:06 The Struggle of Remembering and Forgetting
04:00 The Origin of the Assessment
05:57 The Impact of the Assessment
08:09 The Magic of The Three Step Planner
17:19 Understanding Personal Assessment: The Green Goal
17:45 Vulnerability is Necessary 
18:03 The Importance of Writing Down Your Thoughts
18:42 The Best Time for Effective Self-Assessment
19:56 The Impact of Emotional and Mental Health
21:08 The Role of Physical Health in Overall Well-being
26:33 Spiritual Health
31:05 Relationships
37:25 Conclusion: The Importance of Regular Self-Assessment
Nov 13, 2023
In this week's conversation, Somer + Michelle do a deep dive into big spending (if you're listening in real time, just in time for the Black Friday + Cyber Monday crazy!) Listen in if you need reminders on:
  • the difference between genuine generosity and pressure-driven obligation
  • guilt-free missing out 
  • practical tips for protecting your joy 

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Take what you need...
00:59 Discussion on Big Spending
01:39 Reminiscing About Podcast Beginnings
02:24 Black Friday Experiences
07:26 The Pressure of Holiday Spending
07:36 Generosity vs Obligation in Gift Giving
16:49 The Pressure of Gift Giving for Kids
18:06 Setting Boundaries with Family
19:31 The Joy of Christmas and Family Traditions
20:58 The Role of Parents and Grandparents in Gift Giving
22:19 The Obligation of Gifts and Time
24:19 Creating Healthy Rhythms for the Holiday Season
24:37 The Pressure of Participating in All Events
31:48 The Importance of Advent

Nov 6, 2023

Ready to laugh and cringe? In honor of kicking off the holiday season, Somer + Michelle are re-living their best + worst Thanksgiving memories, plus doing a little this or that Thanksgiving style. Whether you love Thanksgiving or you're a bit a turkey Scrooge (like a certain co-host to be revealed in the episode), we've got something for you.

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